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How To Get The Most Out Of Your One and Only Life

Welcome friend, my name is Tony Berenyi.

Welcome friend, my name is Tony Berenyi with Berenyi Coaching.

Today, I’m a successful business owner, mentorship coach, and trusted leader in my community. 

In many ways, I’m no different today than when I was growing up on a small family farm in Montana raising sheep, harvesting sugar beets and living with no indoor plumbing.

This surprises many who only see the man leading the elite multimillion dollar engineering and architectural firm, in addition to a growing construction company with a client list including industry giants like Mercedes, Boeing, BP, Nucor Steel, Palmetto Railways and countless others.

The values I learned and the mentorship I received growing up on my family farm shaped me. The leadership transformations I gained at The Citadel, MIT, in the military and in the contracting world have refined me…. but my real secret? I blueprinted my way to unbelievable success financially, personally and spiritually with the code I live by for Berenyi Coaching.

None of my achievements were based on luck.

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves in my leadership mentoring program… then I’m ready to share the SOLUTIONS and personalized tools that are the foundation of my 150 Elite Retreats, so you can keep MORE of your private time and your assets while your clients rave about your work!

Berenyi Coaching is uniquely positioned and based on my years of leadership training and mentorship programs to provide the best and most advantageous results for my clients. Are you ready to see the Berenyi Coaching difference, and the enormous impact it can make on yourself, your team, and your business culture?

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“Tony has the unique ability to see the big picture… he’s always planting seeds for you… like a gold cultivator. I recommend him to anybody.”

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  • Cut Work Time
  • Improve the ROI in your business
  • Change the upper limit of what you can earn
  • Reclaim your free time
  • Build your ideal lifestyle

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CANDID Interviews With Leaders, Influencers and Alphas

I’ve invited my community of high achieving leaders – influencers who are identified as pillars of their respective communities – to have frank practical conversations in which they can share their unique and surprising life lessons. These speakers are figures of notoriety in all walks of life and the wisdom they generously offer here has the potential to change who you are at your core.

Alan Wilson

Van Hipp

Giff Daughtridge

Jeffrey McWhorter

Lt. General John Rosa

Jim Wigfall


Over the course of the last decade, I’ve had the privilege of recording my own hard-won lessons in business mastery, leadership training, mentorship programs, emotional intelligence and fulfillment. No matter how deep you decide to delve into the community at Berenyi Coaching, even if you just want to put a toe in the water, these guideposts will give you a powerful edge in your life and business goals.

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Tony has a 30 year history of visiting job sites and corporations to streamline the workflow. Along with Berenyi Coaching, his presence creates the actions necessary for excellence and improved Return on Investment (ROI). He addresses topics ranging from bidding and winning corporate contracts, to must-follow success principles, to the essential steps to becoming an effective leader and team player. His leadership training and leadership mentoring programs can benefit you and your company. To learn from Tony’s years as a CEO, successful strategist, referral generator and active listener, submit a request below.