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If you run a podcast, event, speaker series, or mastermind group and you’d like your attendees to experience a transformation in their personal and professional lives then Tony Berenyi may be a good fit. 

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A Leadership Driven Blueprint for Success

What makes for a great leader? Tony Berenyi, Citadel MIT graduate, distinguished military commander and successful entrepreneur, draws on the breadth of his life experiences to write The Code: A Leadership-Driven Blueprint for Success. Each concept in The Code has been honed by Berenyi’s experience while he built relationships with mentors, peers, clients, friends and associates. In plain language with a no-holds-barred approach, the examples he uses encompass both exceptional leader’s perspectives and lessons learned from those who had no business leading in the first place. Readers can test their own strengths through probing questions that test their own leadership strengths. For the leader, or someone who believes they have leadership potential, The Code isn’t just a starting point. It is a guide for life.

The Berenyi
Life Blueprint

The Berenyi Life Blueprint offers you the complete blueprint of my own success principles in business and in life. These mostly unknown, yet proven, techniques will help you reach any goal in your life.

Setting workable goals, committing to career and family growth simultaneously while trying to find your true purpose in life is not easy, but it is essential. Moving beyond the realm of survival into a world of thriving is achievable, especially when you assess every avenue necessary for lasting change.

When it comes down to it, your thoughts become your life. And since you and only you control your mind and those thoughts, you will become what you’ve visualized and envisioned.

So, get to work and dream a fulfilling and purposeful life with The Berenyi Life Blueprint as your trustworthy guide.