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Elite. Mentorship. Environments.

Elite. Mentorship. Environments.

Through all of the mentorship, masterminds and training I’ve received, I’m finally at a point in my life where I’m devoted to giving it ALL back to a new community of leaders through my Engineering Leadership Courses.

My heart is in the right place, and I don’t need to do this for the glory or numbers other coaches pursue. I already have massive success within the engineering industry. I simply want to shape the lives of future CEO’s because I know that true mentorship is really, really rare, and there is an incredible need.

The guiding principles I’ve studied, collected and developed while growing my own engineering empire have turned into a structured success blueprint for anyone who adopts them, especially for high achieving business owners and leaders whose most precious commodities are their time and their emotional investment in the success of the construction and engineering world.

If you truly want your life to work for you, you need the leadership development tools that enable more time, vitality, money and freedom. When you join my Engineering Leadership Graduate Level forum for implementation, my practical tools become yours, and my community becomes yours. That is really what my leadership development course success is all about: sharing and using the best tools to get you the results you need.

“Tony has the unique ability to see the big picture… he’s always planting seeds for you… like a gold cultivator. I recommend his leadership development courses to anybody.”

– Bobby Lutes

“The man is the epitome of being a leader…. The people that he’s touched is second to none… and he’s worked through many issues with us as engineers.”

– Darryl Griffin

“Tony’s leadership really exceeded expectations…”

– Don Yanzer

 “Tony’s ability to bring all sides together for a common goal is just awesome.”

– Gary Allen

What Do You Sacrifice for Your Success?

I’ve recognized the power of mentorship from an early age. On the farm, my dad was my first leadership mentor. He taught me to honor my commitments, the value of hard work and to always do my best. This commitment to hard work served me well at MIT and the Citadel.

But once I had my own thriving engineering business, my intense commitment was having an adverse effect.

It eventually took me to a place where I was putting in way more energy than
I was getting out. It was destroying my family, breaking down my confidence
and turning me into an isolated and obsessed workaholic.

That’s when I realized I only had three choices.

One: To admit defeat and let the chips fall as they may.

Two: Try to mitigate the influence of these factors and soldier
through the chaos.

Three: To surround myself with the right influences that supported new dreams with enough resilience to counteract the worst of those experiences that I had endured.

I chose the third choice. I surrendered to the WHO and not the HOW.

Take Back Your Freedom,
Finances and Family Life through my
Engineering Leadership Development course.

It’s the Who, Not Just the How.

When You are Ready

Can Be Your Catalyst

Robin Dunbar, anthropologist and evolutionary psychologist, discovered that there is a cognitive limit of around 150 individuals with whom any one person can relate to over time in a memorable way.

Basically, that means that if your key relationships in business aren’t awesome, they are taking up LIMITED space that you need to fill with great mentors, like-minded dreamers and successful peers who can help you hone your skills.

“Tony’s been fantastic to work
with. He’s very accessible, very
responsive… very conscientious…
he has a lot of wisdom to impart
upon others.”

– Jeff McWhorter

“Tony has a good eye for the
best opportunities… He was
very easy to work with.”

– Jerry Tully

“There are a lot of people that talk
the talk and just talk a big game…
Tony is someone who truly walks the
walk… Tony made me realize that
even at a certain level, you still need

– Kelli Garret